Digazi is a cloud based digital ecosystem

offering content creators, owners and distributors a turnkey environment to:

Manage content

Share & syndicate content

Repurpose content

Monetize content

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Explore our "Digital Ecosystem" and understand how our modules support, manage and deliver immediate ROI. We are the "Digital Habitat" for all your content!

Why Digazi?

Self-optimizated and dynamic content lifecycle management, from ideation through to distribution and monetization

Single solution for "ingesting, tagging, transforming, distributing and monetizing your content"

Scalable transition to digital marketplaces via our cloud based SaaS and IaaS solution

"Show me the Money" - Digazi provides content owners, content creators, and content distributers with quick, measurable ROI for their content

Our cloud based platform allows you to purchase our entire platform or the individual modules that support your business needs

Support for content owners and aggregators that depend on consumer access and response, with a turnkey solution to manage, sell and syndicate content

Access your digital ecosystem from any device

We are device agnostic allowing you to search, distribute and share you content from any device to any device.

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Common Questions

Why should I use Digazi?

Our solutions provide content owners, creators and distributors with a solution that addresses content lifecycle management from ideation to creation, distribution and monetization via a single easy to use interface.

Can I access content from any device?

DIGAZI will provide as part of its solution via a built in mobile app with access to upload, share, manage and distribute content. Our mobile App will be available to your customers on Google Play, Apple Store, and Windows App Store.

Do you support print text and multiple eBook Readers?

Integrated into Digazi is a digital publishing solution supporting, PDF to Flash and HTML5 supporting iPad, IPhone, Android, PC, Mac, Tablet and Desktop.

Can you ingest files from any device or any other cloud based store?

Digazi will allow a user to ingest a single or multiple media assets via any device. Our built in desktop loader supports bulk ingest and tagging of content. Our APIs will automatically pull content in from any cloud media store including Icloud and Google Drive. Please contact us for additional options.

How does a user choose the video format in which they would like the content delivered?

Video encoding allows you to seamlessly integrate your encoding jobs through our API. With your video stored, using our API Builder, you can create an encoding job request that will direct DIGAZI to the location of your video, indicate how DIGAZI should encode the video, and point to where DIGAZI should house the resulting output video.

Where is my content stored?

Although today DIGAZI is managed completely using Amazon Web services, we are Infrastructure agnostic and clients can choose to port our software to their own private/public cloud infrastructure or choose to install on their private networks. Our cloud-based solutions gives businesses and web application developers an easy and cost effective way to distribute content with low latency and high data transfer speeds.