We are the "Digital Habitat" - store, access, share, and sell your content


We ingest and aggregate content from any media store inclusive of Google Drive, iCloud, SANs and NANs. This content can be invidually loaded or via bulk ingest from our desktop loader. We support multiple video, audio and images formats inclusive of documents – PDF and Text. Automated thumbnailing, version Control and annotation comes standard with our platform.

Cloud Repository

Our cloud based repository supports dynamic storage with metadata management for improved search and query of content. Our APIs will support multiple applications that need to connect to the same content effortlessly. Our repository provides ease of use for the development of batch operations, synchronization and sharing features

Access Control

Access Control Lists are supported by Digazi and specifies which users or system processes are granted access to content and operations performed on that content.

Digital Asset Management

Our DAM ensures that there is a central place that stores your companies' content. This content is your intellectual property that requires support for secured sharing, traceability, and versioning.

Companies are experiencing an exponential growth of digital assets, and the ability to store, find, access, search and deliver content across multiple delivery channels is critical to the On Demand World we live in. Digazi provides a world class DAM via a central cloud based repository that scales, includes collaborative workflows and is secure and cost-effective.


Any Device. Every Format. All Platforms. Digazi features a cloud based media conversion solution, where you the user can convert multiple types of content. Multiple types of content once ingested , will be converted into many different output formats supporting delivery to various channel opportunities. The user will have complete control over the conversion process. We aim for the fastest and easiest delivery possible.

Whether Broadcast, Mobile or Web, our cloud-based video encoding software as a service (SaaS) can encode from and to any video format, codecs and devices. Integrated HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) allows you to deliver a high-quality viewing experience to users of iOS and Android devices regardless of the speed of their connection. The player will automatically detect the connection speed and instantly switch to the most appropriate bit rate.

Workflow Support

Our customized workflows allow companies to manage content across all touch points. Digazi will work with each customer to ensure that the aspect of content lifecycle that gets them to optimal ROI on their content is integrated into the platform. This includes reviews and approvals, adding associated content, secured sharing of content, content acquisition and syndication and content distribution.

Metadata Management

Our platform will support all metadata management reflective of multiple hierarchies. The metadata support is designed to be flexible enough to support the individual needs of our customers. Metadata Management provides the visibility and control to capture, search, browse, understand, and manage your content.

Live & On-Demand Streaming

Digazi provides its clients with leading video platforms, where flexibility meets powerful end-to-end video publishing architecture. We are a turnkey platform for content owners, creators, and distributors who need to fully automate the video publishing workflow from live video capture, and publishing on multiple platforms, to secure syndication to multiple business partners. Our solutions help you build complete digital ecosystems that support -content ingest, content management, content delivery and content monetization (advertising and e-commerce).

Live video

Capture and encode live-broadcast streams that will allow for distribution to multiple devices. Editing services available for live events where video can be made available as HD quality On demand video clips and supplied to your website, mobile apps and your content management systems. Our HTML5 players support the highest quality of on-demand and live video experiences to reach your audience—no matter where they are. We simplify delivery to an increasingly complex ecosystem of devices and standards across the web, mobile and connected TVs.


Increase site traffic and expand your audience, with our advanced search, social media sharing, SEO indexing and syndication capabilities. We support a blended distribution strategy across the Web including You Tube, Facebook and many more.

Content Packaging & Playlists

Digazi will support the collection of video, audio files and text files that are grouped in a particular order for playback. The user will be able to select content based on tags and metadata. The playlists are grouped based on the supported workflow and will be dynamically assigned to a player.

Playlist support

  1. Manual playlist - When you make a manual playlist, you assign specific content to the playlist and re-order them manually.

  2. Smart playlist - When you make a smart playlist, the list of assets in the playlist is constructed automatically, based on tags or other content metadata.Smart playlists are dynamic, and automatically updated based on what's currently available in your media library and what rules define the playlist.

Packaging and eCommerce

Digazi has introduced a package feature that allows multiple types of content to be bundled and purchased together. Live Streaming, eBooks and Pictures can all be purchased together as the same package. This also makes it easy to make an entire library of existing content that is appealing to sell to viewers who can access the entire catalogue through a single payment.

Ad Insertion

We help you grow and monetize your audience without the cost and complexity of in-house development. Ad-supported businesses take advantage of the comprehensive suite of video advertising features with intuitive tools for ad insertions and built-in ad server and network integration.

Digazi helps you grow and monetize your audience without the cost and complexity of in-house development. This is Ad Mangement made incredibly easy. Quickly and easily insert ads into you streaming media content to drive revenue. Digazi provides built-in support for all standard IAB video ad formats, and accommodates pre-mid and post-roll ads. Integrate with Industry standards such as VAST and VPAID. We have built in integration for ad networks such as Google, Tremor Media, YuMe and Spot Exchange and Specific Media.

File Sharing

Unlike consumer-based file sharing solutions, Digazi offers an enterprise-level security to all data shared within and outside your organization. We protect content by defining when and how a file is shared and to what device.

  • Implement user-level permissions to disable sharing or disable link sharing, set time and date stamps for availability, and download versus streaming options.

  • Implement device-level permissions to restrict where and when the content is available on mobile devices.

  • We empower users to invite collaborators to share content with view and edit permissions.

  • Our platform will automatically sync shared files between user devices.

  • One-step invitation to collaborators by right clicking any folder and selecting users.

  • Rich mobile sharing allows sharing files directly from any mobile application on iOS/Android.

  • Send large files to external users using links that expire automatically instead of email attachments.


Built into Digazi is a simple CRM that allows organizations to track all personnel that has access to content, all contacts to whom content was shared and sold. You will finally have a single place to store everything you need to know about your contacts. From one simple screen see all of your contacts, based on individual, group, organization and permissions.

Our CRM provides easy collaboration allowing you to access CRM data from anywhere within the Digazi platform. Whether you are sharing, selling or syndicating your content our CRM will track who and what organization or group. You will be able to access our CRM module from any device, and contacts are automatically synched.

e-Commerce & Merchandizing

Our solutions for paywalls allows for an easy-to-use fully customizable "paywall". This paywall support multiple subscription models, geo-fencing, and multiple currencies and built in merchandizing and voucher technology.

Broadcaster defined rates

The content owner controls and defines how much to charge for content and for how long from an included channel manager interface. Digazi does take a small commission on each transfer done over the system. This commission is designed to cover merchant account, PayPal, bank transfer and other fees that Digazi addresses for content owners.

In-player payment

Digazi has developed a unique viewer payment system located directly in the player. This approach lets viewers access and purchase streaming content, via PayPal and all major credit cards, without having to leave the player. This is a quick five step process leading the viewer to select content, validate selection, create login details/login, select payment method and then quickly access the content they want. The system is also built to handle pre-buys, with the options for viewers to save their credit for later after making payment.