How it works?

Supporting your content lifecycle from ideation to distribution and monetization


  • Single file upload
  • Bulk upload
  • Ingest from media storage services such as Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox etc.

Key features: Ingestion, Cloud repository & Access control.

Management & conversion

Aggregate video, text, audio and pictures into our cloud-based DAM and Metadata Management supporting search, access from any device.

Key features: Transcoding, Digital Asset Management, Meta data management & Workflow support.

Content repurposing

On Demand "New Product". Instantaneously search content based on tags, then package and distribute the content to multiple channel opportunities.

Key features: Live & on-demand media streaming, Content packaging & playlists & Ad insertion.

Distribution & monetization

Your content is packaged for the distribution channel of choice with the ability to "paywall" individual content or channels of content.

Key features: File sharing, CRM, eCommerce & merchandising & Reporting.